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Welcome to 3i's
3i's - Enabling people to live extraordinarily!
Whether you are looking for an accredited professional coach, cutting-edge leadership development and training, powerful high performance team coaching, or dynamic facilitation to enable sustainable results in your business, team and life, you will find it at 3i's.

3i's Impact
To date, thousands of leaders, consultants, managers, employees, teens and new job seekers from varied backgrounds such as CEOs, Directors, entrepreneurs, accountants, HR professionals, medical, emergency and technical specialists, business owners, educators, therapists, learners and parents, have described 3i's impact as uniquely powerful and transformational. See what our satisfied clients are reporting ....

Why 3i's?
  1. 3i's is an Industry Leader
    Since inception we've remained ambitious about enabling people and teams to realise their capacity for greatness. We insist on bringing to bear cutting-edge transferable methods to drive personal and business transformation.
  2. 3i's Results are Guaranteed
    We're so confident of the impact of our methods and the quality of our coaches, facilitators and consultants that we're willing to guarantee impact or refund your investment in full.
  3. 3i's Cutting-Edge Experiential Coaching, Training and Facilitation
    We deliver from a place of benevolent intent to ignite possibility in teams and individuals.
  4. Internationally Certified
    Our associates are all internationally and locally accredited and recognised.
  5. Ongoing Support
    New and enhanced ways of being and doing take time to cement as new habits. Beyond doing, we prefer a more sustained approach to driving individual, team and business transformation.

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